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TechWise Contracts and Past Performances

TechWise is flexible and highly responsive to a variety of contracting options.  We have the management capability, past performance, and cost structure to offer competitive solution.  Our solutions are customized to meet our client’s needs providing highly qualified and specific consultants and advisors, fully integrated teams, and ultimately the results that our customers hope to achieve.  We look for opportunities that take advantage of our core competencies, including Support Base Services, Air Traffic Control Services, IT Infrastructure & Support, DOTMFL Training & Analysis, and more.  TechWise provides turnkey solutions in Defense Analysis, Centers of Excellence, Mission Readiness, and Logistics support.

Past Performance

Support Base Services (SBS), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

TechWise provides services supporting the mobilization, deploymeJBLMnt, and demobilization of soldiers assigned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.  TechWise employees schedule, manage, and process units and individuals through the Soldier Readiness Center (SRC); they provide HHC JBLM with HR support, Billets management, and CQ’s; they provide Information Technology support to HHC, SFAC, and Waller Halls; TechWise assigns drivers and dispatchers to the TMP and UMB, and assists with container management and ticketing in the official travel section; and TechWise supports Installation Security with security clearance investigations, and manages the installation’s POV storage lot.

Support Base Services (SBS), Fort Carson, Colorado

TechWise supports the mobilization and demobilization of troops SBS Ft Carson1stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, with specific tasks in plans, training, mobilization, and human resources support.  At Fort Carson, our employees work with the strategic planning group for deploying Soldiers and units; we assist with Army Community Services (ACS); we support the Public Affairs Office and manage post studio photography services; and TechWise employees provide full personnel support for mobilizing Reserve Component service members and units.

Logistics Troop Schools, Fort Carson, Colorado

At Fort Carson, Colorado, TechWise employees manage and coordinate the Fort Carson Troop Schools effort, supporting the Army Force Generation by supplementing MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and unit training to increase the units’ combat readiness.  Courses TechWise instructors offer include:

  • Unit Armorer Course
  • Digital Training Management Systems TrainingSBS Ft Carson1
  • Unit Movement Officer Course
  • Generator Operator Course
  • Fuel Handler Course
  • Food Service Enhancement Course
  • PBUSE –Enhanced Course
  • Unit Supply Operations Management Course
  • SAMS-1E
  • Motor Pool Operations Management Course
  • ULLS-A (E) Clerk
  • ULLS-A (E) Supervisor

USAFWC (Space), US Air Force-Space Test and Training Range (STTR) Facility Management, Manpower, Range and Logistics Support, Schriever AFB, Colorado

USAWFC picTechWise provides Support Services to the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) Space Innovation and Development Center consistent with those expected under SBS including support falling under the following SBS Task Areas: To provide sustained support services with logistics and depot level maintenance of weapon systems spares, parts, tools, etc., as well as maintaining and handling general office supplies and deployment supplies and equipment.  Areas supported include facility management, supply and logistics, and secure storage.

US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Studies (ARI) – Research, Development, and Analysis in Army Training (TRAIN II) Program, Fort Benning, Georgia

ArmyResearchOur analyst assists as a member of a team in the development of interview protocols for Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT) training developers, unit leaders, and Drill Sergeants to identify existing training offsets used in OSUT. Assist as a member of the team in conducting focus group interviews to collect data on the impact of existing offsets and tailoring techniques used. Assist in the development of a summary of themes / key points from the interviews, as well as a copy of all notes taken during the focus group interviews. Support the development of performance and knowledge tests, with supporting testing protocols and materials. Support the development of a training offset guide for trainers and training developers. The individual will provide written input in the development of a guide/handbook for trainers and training developers on developing and executing effective tailored training offsets for core infantry skills based upon the results of this effort’s findings and recommendations.

Air Traffic Control Services, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

TechWise provides Air Traffic Control and Weather Observation services at United States Coast Guard Air Station in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This Coast Guard Aviation facility in the Northeast is responsible for the waters from New Jersey to the Canadian border, operating 24 hours-a-day and in all weather conditions. Support for military, commercial, international, and private fleets to include manned and unmanned platforms, and over 30,000 sorties annually.

Air Traffic Control Services, Fort Bliss, Texas

ATC_largeTechWise provides Air Traffic Control Services (ATCS) required to support all departing/arriving aircraft at the Army’s largest Airfield, Biggs Army Airfield (AAF).  Our employees also provide flight following services via an Airspace Information Center (AIC) for all of Fort Bliss’ utilized airspace. Information Center (AIC) and provide flight following services to DOD aircraft and other aircraft authorized to operate in the Fort Bliss managed airspace, to include the Fort Bliss Division Training Area, the designated High Altitude Mountain/Environmental Training Area, and the Class G Visual Flight Rules (VFR) corridor in the Airspace. The Flight Following (FF) issues information and advisories to arriving, departing, and enroute aircraft and monitors the flight progress of aircraft. The FF also receives, posts, and relays progress reports and posts information to flight data strips, boards, charts, and tactical situation maps.

Autonomous Mobility Applique Systems (AMAS), Littleton, Colorado

Robotics Test Vehicles 3-way ImageTechWise serves as a subcontractor on the Autonomous Mobility Applique Systems (AMAS) contract by offering capable, expert, and qualified military truck drivers to the Prime when needed.  The work on this project is very much defined by surge requirements, and TechWise employees are available immediately when needed.

Network Enterprise Center, Fort Irwin, California

NTCPatchAt Fort Irwin, the Army’s premier training center, TechWise supports the Network Enterprise Center (NEC), providing Tier I Help Desk support, Tier II Network Administration support, and other systems administration tasks.  Tier III support upon approval and request by the NEC.

Mobile Consolidated Command Center (MCCC), Albuquerque, New Mexico

TechWise employees create, maintain, and coordinate project schedules for all projects being executed at the MCCC in Albuquerque, and manage the administrative functions associated with holding and coordinating customer meetings.

Bradley Master Gunner Instructor, Fort Benning, Georgia

mcoe_largeTechWise provides a Bradley Master Gunner Instructor to conduct training for the Bradley platforms and the Bradley Virtual Simulator Training Systems, Unit Conduct of Fires Trainer (UCOFT), Bradley Advanced Training System (BATS), and leaders training. Our Instructor conducts the course (seminar / conference / discussion / lecture / demonstration / practical exercise) in accordance with approved Training Support Package and Program of Instructions (POI). Our Instructor reviews course documents and training materials for accuracy and prepares suggested changes and modifications for review and approval. The Instructor drafts all required administrative correspondence associated with a class and collects / analyzes lessons learned, identifies trends, reviews capstone doctrinal publications to identify doctrinal disconnects, and identify emerging technologies that may impact on the conduct of training.

Mission Training Complex (MTC), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

JBLMTechWise provided technical support for complex technical solutions, for the Army’s Simulations Mission Training Complex. TechWise enabled integrated training environments for Customer training events and exercises. This technical support ensured equipment and software readiness for simulations environment platforms and operational Command and Control (C2) work station components. Technical support includes DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) oversight for the Mission Training Complex campus; network management and oversight for multiple levels of classification; and a total system administration support structure for classified and unclassified operations. TechWise Technicians planned, installed, managed, maintained, and recovered all Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) to ensure timely operation of training and exercises. We provided systems administration and management support for all networks including NIPR and SIPR; maintaining all training network systems in compliance with DIACAP requirements.

Woman-Owned Business Creating Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Established in 1994, by Ms. Shawnee Huckstep, TechWise has expanded into two organizations – TechWise North America and TechWise Global – to meet its customers’ needs worldwide while supporting opportunities for women.

TechWise North America is identified as a woman-owned, small business by the Small Business Association, and TechWise Global is a proud signatory to AmCham Abu Dhabi’s Women Achieve Initiative.  We are an accessible partner with various contracting options and business advantages.

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TechWise Awards

Contract Vehicles


The SeaPort-e Multiple Award Contract (MAC) vehicle was established to facilitate performance-based service acquisition, leverage buying power, improve business intelligence and reduce cycle time. Task Orders issued under this contract provide services that potentially span the entire spectrum of mission areas supported by the activities and technical capabilities that comprise the various ordering offices, as well as provide professional support services to the overall Navy, DTRA, and Marine Corps organizations.  As a prime contractor for SeaPort-e, TechWise provides support to the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research, DTRA, and the United States Marine Corps in the task areas of:

  • Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
  • Modelling, Simulation, Stimulation and Analysis Support
  • Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support
  • Information Systems (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support
  • Training

Support Base Services (SBS)

The objective of Support Base Services (SBS) is to obtain garrison augmentation support services for non-inherently governmental functions that exceed organic capabilities in supporting the Army Forces Generation (ARFORGEN) in the Continental U.S. and Hawaii. SBS is a follow-on contract to CONUS Support Base Services (CSBS) and structured as a multiple award task order contract (MATOC) derived through competition among small businesses. The contract is structured for maximum flexibility in providing for an expedited ordering process in order to satisfy customer needs. The total ceiling value of this five-year program is $983 million. SBS establishes contract support that will minimize the number of mobilized Reserve Component (RC) units and Soldiers providing those non-inherently governmental functions addressed in the 12 task areas identified in the SBS Performance Work Statement (PWS).

TechWise will provide support in the following task areas:

  • Plans
  • Material Management and Supply
  • Training
  • Services
  • Mobilization
  • Movements
  • Security
  • Human Services
  • Equipment Readiness and Maintenance
  • Finance
  • Billeting and Facilities
  • Services
  • Information Management


The objective of Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services II (OPTARSS II) is to provide contracted services to support the operational mission requirements of FORSCOM and others throughout the Army and the Department of Defense (DoD). It is a follow-on contract to OPTARSS I and structured as a multiple award Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) arrangement derived through competition amongst small and large businesses. The contract is structured for maximum flexibility in providing for an expedited ordering process in order to satisfy customer needs. The total ceiling value of this five-year program is $2.5 billion. OPTARSS II establishes contract support for training requirements, training support, and oversight and evaluation of the training of Active Component, Army National Guard and USARC units. FORSCOM also partners with TRADOC, IMCOM and other army components in order to support all aspects of combat readiness. Services will be provided to locations within the continental (CONUS) and outside CONUS (OCONUS).

TechWise will provide support services for customers in the following task areas:

  • Operational Planning
  • Training
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Flight Operations
  • Mobilization Plans and Execution
  • Deployment Operations
  • Force Protection Program
  • Transformation

Fires Center of Excellence (FCOE)

The objective of USAFCOEFS support contracts is to acquire services to develop and produce training strategies, doctrine, concepts, instruction and products for the current and future force. The contracts are structured for maximum flexibility in providing for an expedited ordering process in order to satisfy the needs of USAFCOEFS and customers throughout the Training and Doctrine Command, U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD). Approval shall be received from the Director of MICC, Fort Sill, Oklahoma for using these contract(s) by entities other than USAFCOEFS.

TechWise will provide support in the following task areas:

  • Concepts and Capabilities Support
  • Training Development Support
  • Doctrine Development Support
  • Organizational Development Support
  • Instructor and Training Support
  • Task 6: Simulation Support
  • Evaluation Support
  • Information Technology Support


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