TechWise was featured in The Gazette article “Small Defense Contractors Are Big Successes”. TechWise is one of the few defense contractors who is adding new employees in the Colorado Springs area. The Gazette highlights why small- to medium-sized defense contractors are still able to hire when their larger counterparts are cutting back.

by Wayne Heilman, The Gazette

“Several small and midsize military contractors in Colorado Springs are thriving and adding staff, while their larger competitors are looking to layoffs in the face of automatic Department of Defense cuts scheduled to take effect in January.

Boecore, Braxton Technologies, Infinity Systems Engineering, Intelligent Software Solutions and TechWise each have added more than a dozen employees in the past year, have open positions to fill and plan to continue hiring during the rest of the year to complete pending military contracts….”

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Published:  August 27, 2012
Coverage provided by The Gazette
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