COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – February 24, 2012 – Ms. Shawnee Huckstep, President/CEO of TechWise, has just announced that she is relocating her worldwide TechWise Headquarters to downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is remodeling and will occupy the fifth floor.

Huckstep aligned with the O’Neil Group and Colorado Structures, Inc. (CSI) to make the move, and is now part-owner of the 6 North Tejon property.  Ms. Huckstep remarked, “I’m pleased to announce TechWise is moving our worldwide Headquarters to downtown Colorado Springs! This is an important move for TechWise and our employees are excited to become part of the downtown culture and elevate our support of the Colorado Springs Business Community.”

Commencement should take place within the next few months. This partnership is a collaboration between Shawnee Huckstep, CSI, and The O’Neil Group. “We have plans to make this building one of the best choices downtown with like-minded companies who are proud to be in Colorado Springs and want to enjoy the best of downtown.”

About TechWise

TechWise is a privately owned business headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. Founded in 1994, TechWise is focused on Performance Improvement and brings the best of Technical and Professional Services to its Government and Commercial Clients worldwide. TechWise has grown significantly in its overseas operations and has an International Hub located in Dubai, UAE.

This new office in downtown Colorado Springs is the worldwide Headquarters for TechWise. TechWise was selected as a major employer by the Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in 2009, Company to Watch for 2010, and had its best year ever in 2011.

Media Contact

J Chesney
General Manager
TechWise North America
(719) 955-3167

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