Military Matters: COS company providing work for veterans

By: Holly Morrison 

COLORADO SPRINGS – A technology and software company out of Colorado Springs plays a large role when it comes to hiring military veterans.

TechWise, located downtown, develops training software for the government, mostly military agencies.

The company uses scenarios through gaming and simulations to help leadership navigate difficult and dangerous situations.

TechWise started out designing software but eventually grew into something bigger.

“About 12 years ago, we got really heavily involved in military and government training. So we integrated the two. We figure out the training objective, what is the customer trying to accomplish the training, and integrate the appropriate technology games, software, and simulation,” said Shawnee Huckstep, CEO of TechWise. 

TechWise has hired more than 300 veterans in the last several years.

Huckstep credits their success to being headquartered in Colorado Springs, which offers a wealth of retired military.

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