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(Photo Credit: From a U.S. European Command News Release)

 TechWise continues to support efforts that will bolster U.S. security interests at home and abroad, and protect military forces. Our efforts identify and analyze evolving and emerging threats and provide US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) and its operational and strategic partners – U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC), U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR), U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) and U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) – with training and expertise to combat these threats.

Exercise Austere Challenge (AC 17) was a simulation-driven war game that involved over 5,000 U.S. troops all across Europe and the United States.  The simulation was designed to exercise USAREURs ability to rapidly address multiple contingencies, while exercising USEUCOM’s ability to synchronize the operations and activities of Service Component Commands in a complex, regional operating environment.

During the 3-week 17 (AC17) Exercise, TechWise provided personnel who performed critical Corps-level staff functions for the intelligence, fires, and movement and maneuver warfighting functions.  This support enabled the USAREUR staff to fully exercise their Army Service Component Command (ASCC) functions for USEUCOM.  TechWise personnel also role-played partner nation forces to enable the USAREUR staff to exercise their responsibilities as a Combined Joint Force Land Component Command (C/JFLCC) for USEUCOM.  At the conclusion of AC17, both USAREUR and USEUCOM had successfully achieved their exercise objectives.

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